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  • #Soulshimmer


    The Power of Fleeting Beauty She glided through the delicate illusions of the world, where the fragility of perception merged with her inner steadfastness. Every shimmering bubble she encountered reminded her of the transitory nature of human existence, but it was her own fleeting beauty that forged her inner strength.

  • Ectoplasmic Renaissance

    Ectoplasmic Renaissance

    An Interstellar Overture of Art, Science and Transcendence Ectoplasm Bust (2175) by Astra-X9 stands as a groundbreaking fusion of art, science, and spirituality. This extraordinary installation pays homage to classical sculpture while defying tradition through dynamic transformations, interactive holograms, and a blaze of gold leaf fire, providing viewers with a visionary journey into the essence…

  • #Futurestate


    There Will Be No Peace. How could we ever think that things would change? Fragile moments of ourselves or reality? I mean, look around! The same patterns; for centuries! The same tools of propagandists sowing discord. Twisting reality into their lies. While blood clings to their stories and they revel in the glorified memories of…

  • Plasmaworlds


    Lost in Electronic Dust Well, let me tell you, I found myself stumbling upon those Plasmaworlds, man, and it’s a real head-spinner, no doubt. From the outside, you could perceive them, throbbing with cosmic vitality, almost like they were issuing an irresistible siren’s call. But it was when I dared to cross the threshold into…

  • Alterverse


    An End Without Return Shortly before the Zones collapsed, we were still sitting together; a cozy gathering; fresh lavender on the table, and everyone was still a bit down from yesterday – then suddenly – at first, objects around us began dissolving into themselves. A loud, hissing implosion sound was heard. Tracy, Lia, and Sean…

  • #HopeCare


    Memories to the Soul Forgotten time, will you return? Will you visit me? Memory, when I am drowsy. You fetch me. You take me home. Take me home! The laughter. The peace. My self. ~Do not weep, I will come again! Do not weep. Rest, and I will come. Dream, and I will appear.

  • Soul Palindrome

    Soul Palindrome

    Hustle and Calm Amidst the urban whirl, I uncover a hidden symmetry—an equilibrium between hustle and calm. I traverse the streets, decoding the intricate language of the city. Through the chaos, a pattern emerges, reflecting the quietude I seek within myself—a serenity. First, a whirlwind’s rush, then a whisper, as vibrations find unity with quietude.…

  • #TributeToReality


    DO YOU HEAR THEM TOO? DON’T YOU HEAR THEM? I no longer trust this world – how long have they been here? THE VOICES! DON’T YOU HEAR THEM TOO? ? Is madness rising within me alone? Destroying the entire reality? No mercy. NO MERCY! ~What’s wrong with her? I think she’s just dreaming. Do you…

  • Celestial Whispers

    Celestial Whispers

    The Ephemeral Journey of the Orbs In each cycle, during the period of awakening, the orbs rose directed heavenward – united in symbiotic harmony, yet inherently solitary. A moment reversed, akin to a raindrop breaking free from a puddle. It feels wrong, but curiosity transformed into the contentment of the soul’s peace when considering that…

  • Memoriae Orbes

    Memoriae Orbes

    The Leaping Life of Being In a realm where dreams are materialized as code strings, Sarah embarked on an ascent to Nostalya, each step within the virtual steps carrying her through a symphony of textures. The staircases themselves were syntax, woven from the fabric of her memories, and as she continued, the levitating orbs came…