An End Without Return

Shortly before the Zones collapsed, we were still sitting together; a cozy gathering; fresh lavender on the table, and everyone was still a bit down from yesterday – then suddenly – at first, objects around us began dissolving into themselves. A loud, hissing implosion sound was heard.

Tracy, Lia, and Sean leaped up and pulled everything and everyone with them. Pierré and Celine reached out to one another, their hands trembling, as Chao just sat there, frozen in place – I’ve never seen anyone so half-dead; knowing that it’s the end.

I tore myself away from the waiter who, just before I got up – probably suspected me of trying to make a quick escape – froze as well. The poor guy involuntarily left his fear every opportunity to escape; only he didn’t save himself either. At the same time, the moment lost its memories around me. That loud noise, that squelching. Gone. Gone. Gone! Everything disappeared!

Yes. Then, then panic broke out. Hectic. I ran. Around me, some lost their minds. Slipping away in seconds like the frozen ones into madness. Grimaces. They screamed. They cried.

Suddenly, my blood warmed up inside me. I felt it getting warmer with every beat. Seconds stretched into infinite expanses of stillness.

Yes, and now I woke up here … Sorry about the nurse. I was quite impolite.

I can’t remember anything else.

What was that? … Can you tell me what’s going on?

Do you think I just imagined it all?