In the center of the image, there stands a girl, depicted with a contemplative expression. Faces of the girl are visible from both sides, emphasizing her inner turmoil. She seems surrounded by thoughts and voices within. The use of blue, tapered objects breaks the visual dimensions of the image, distorting perception while symbolizing the girl's emotional confusion. The combination of the central focus on the girl and the abstract, surreal elements conveys a profound atmosphere that captures the essence of the text "Tribute to Reality" and its themes of reality, introspection, and madness.


DO YOU HEAR THEM TOO? DON’T YOU HEAR THEM? I no longer trust this world – how long have they been here? THE VOICES! DON’T YOU HEAR THEM TOO? ? Is madness rising within me alone? Destroying the entire reality? No mercy. NO MERCY!

~What’s wrong with her? I think she’s just dreaming. Do you think she hears us? No, madness has taken her.